HOT Sketch Hotkeys

Your speed around your work programs is almost as important as your process and creativity. Here are some powerful hotkeys that are overlooked or less well known along with some use case examples. Try incorporating these in your workflow and spend less time doing design grunt work!

  • Holding down Command as you click a shape, text, anything within a group will directly select that element - don't be afraid to group everything!
    • Let's say you have a row of nested, grouped "follow" buttons and you want to alter the text. You can hold Command to grab the text and button backgrounds and then hold Command + Shift to ungrab the button background, leaving just the text.
  • Holding Shift as you move elements around will move in units of 10 instead of 1. Did you know you can customize how far shift moves in preferences?
  • Command + Option + C copies the layer style while Command + Option + V pastes the copied style
  • Command + K will bring up the scaling tool, which can be very handy if you're changing the resolution of screens or scaling vector icons to exact sizes for exports.
  • Command + 0 zooms your Sketch screen to 100%. Zooming is something most designers do often and checking out your work at 100% every so often is good practice.
  • Command + scroll zooms based on the scroll direction/speed. So so handy to move about your file in addition to command + 0 (100%), command +1 (fits everything in file to view).

The above are default hotkeys built into Sketch, but there are some super handy shortcuts that you can create yourself:

  • Align (Vertically & Horizontally) - How many times during design do we align objects to one another? Almost every design, element's positions relate to each other. Personally, I added hot keys to align design elements vertically, horizontally and use them quite often.
    • For Mac, you can go into system preferences > accessibility > keyboard > keyboard preferences > app shortcuts to add your own shortcuts
    • You MUST name your shortcut the exact name that is in the top drop down menus within the application. In this case of Sketch align vertically, the function name is "Vertically". 
      • If a custom hotkey stops working, it's because they've released an update and changed the name of the menu item. Simply go into the application and check what it's called and update it in your computer system.
    • I changed mine to Command + } and align horizontally to Command + { . This way I can select a button background, button text and center the 2 in milliseconds.
    • Bonus for this hotkey is to select 1 item and Align Vertically. This will center the single element to the art board.
  • Collapse all layers - Having a huge list of open layers drives me nuts while designing. Do yourself a favor and map this function to a hotkey!